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In the beginning, there were athletics

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From its early years, organized sports have been an important and growing facet of campus life at Alfred University. A large number — some 500 students currently — of the student body is currently involved in inter-collegiate sports programs. Compare that to the 60 athletes listed in 1921, or the 341 on the rosters in the 1984-85 academic year. There are 23 men’s, women’s, and co-educational intercollegiate teams.


Faculty colleagues continue to inspire


“Very early in my career at Alfred I heard a presentation made by Dan Sass of the Geology Department titled something like, “Even the Dinosaurs Avoided Alfred.” While T Rex might not have munched vegetation in the Alfred area, I have often thought that it is a community that is inhabited by giants — not myths, but real people who either teach or live in the village. 


175th Anniversary

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175th Anniversary

Benefits, memories from sports linger a lifetime


As the University’s 175th anniversary drew near, there was a discussion amongst the Communications Office staff about the importance of sports at AU. In an effort to pinpoint just how vital campus organized sports have been through the decades, we contacted a few Sports Hall of Famers to ask them how their playing years affected them as students and in the years following graduation. 


Holiday Card 2011


Seasons Greetings from AU

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