From the Fiat Lux April 16, 1918: 'First Editor of the Fiat Lux Instantly Killed'

Robert Garwood“Robert D. Garwood, one of Alfred’s most popular students, who graduated from here in the class of 1914, was instantly killed in Texas, March 28 by a fall from his aeroplane. Mr. Garwood was a victim of the U-boat when the Verdi was sunk off the Irish coast last summer, and narrowly escaped with his life after an experience that no one would care to go through. After returning to this country Mr. Garwood tried to enlist with the U.S. Aviation Corps, but was rejected on account of his eyes. He then went to Canada and was accepted in the Royal Flying Corps, and finished his course in that line, but a few weeks ago, and was in Texas to get some practical experience. His father, W. J. Garwood of Canaseraga, received a dispatch from him saying that he had been appointed instructor and would remain in Texas for some time, not going to France before summer. The next thing heard from him was a dispatch saying that he was instantly killed by a fall in his plane. No further particulars as to the accident have been received.

Mr. Garwood was the first editor of the Fiat Lux, and was associated very closely with the management of the Sun, who came to look upon him as one of the finest of young men, and one whom it was a pleasure to meet in a business and social way.”



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