The Sharon Hoover Fiat Lux Fund

Dean and Sharon HooverEstablished in November 2002, The Sharon Hoover Fiat Lux Fund honors Sharon Hoover, professor emeritus of English, who advised the Fiat Lux staff for more than 15 years. An award is given annually during spring Honors Convocation to a student who has shown to be involved in activities that enrich, promote, and sustain the vision of the independent, student-run newspaper. The fund is used to “support special projects and activities for the Fiat Lux, including but not limited to internships, conference attendance, or special journalistic projects to benefit Alfred University.

The Fiat Lux adviser selects award recipients, in consultation with an advisory board whose membership may include Hoover, the chair of Communications Studies, a member of the Fiat staff, and one or more Fiat alumni. Funds are disbursed based on the merits of particular requests and the available budget.



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