Three Cheers for Alfred University

Alfred University alumnus Mark O'Meara '74 is a diehard Saxons fan, and was on campus in October 2012 to attend his 43rd consecutive homecoming game. His enthusiasm remains as strong as ever, which can be seen as he leads an enthusiastic crowd with his trademark cheer for Alfred. The Saxons were victorious over longtime rival Ithaca by a score a 31-7. After the game, O'Meara sat down for a brief visit to reminisce about his years as a student.

Videographers: Rick McLay, AU Class of 1989, and Jonathan Merritt, AU Class of 2013

7 responses to “Three Cheers for Alfred University”

  1. Juliet Says:
    I was at that game and it was amusing to watch this guy build the crowd up. I remember one play after cheering Alfred scored. I said this guy has the touch, he should continuing rallying the crowd. Keep on Cheering.
  2. Chris & Sue Morrison Says:
    Mark. Sue and I got a real kick out of seeing you stir things up. Chris & Sue Morrison '74.
  3. Espo Says:
    Omar! It's great to see you in your element. You're quite the crowd pleaser.
  4. Bruce and Kate (Kehoe) Baschuk Says:

    You da man! We love you. Time to reopen the sub shop and a movie theater in Alfred!
  5. Steve Kent Says:
    Omar -

    Thanks for all of the memories!!!!! Thanks for all of the sub salads too - they were awesome! As Bruce & Kate said, you da man!

    Steve Kent (Kappa Sigma - 1033)
  6. Enid Borden Says:

    You are one of a kind. Love ya, my friend. 40 years of friendship. Pretty good. That's Alfred for you. It's who we are.
  7. Mitch Feldman Says:
    Omar is Alfred. Keep cheering!!

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