Today’s Fiat turns to media future

Fiat Oniline

By Jericho Shackleford ’13 (former Fiat Lux editor, 2010-11)

A spirit of hope and evolution rang in the centennial year for Alfred University’s (AU) student newspaper the Fiat Lux, likening this year at AU to so many experienced by small newspapers as one of change.

Amanda LynchThe Fiat’s evolutionary state came how most do, as a product of tumult and its silver lining. Following a period of missteps, the Fiat suffered a budgetary loss, a penalty not uncommonly dealt by the AU Student Senate. Now, with firming grasps at the helm, Editor-in-Chief Amanda Lynch, a senior theater and English major from Huntington, NY, is quickstepping the Fiat toward the future. This situation allowed the new executive staff to, as Lynch stated, “Own the Fiat.”

Currently, the Fiat is managed by Lynch and junior Managing Editor Raffi Jansezian, a communication studies and philosophy major from Providence, RI. Together, and with the help of an experience-hardened staff, they have put the Fiat online. Found at a new address – - the Fiat has fostered a demographic shift by becoming more accessible to students always on the go. Students are encouraged to add the Fiat Lux news to news feeds, to “Like” articles, and to leave comments on articles. These gestures of accommodation have led to growing popularity in Seidlin and Harder halls especially. Fiat events, such as the Fiat Lux AIDs charity dance, have become successful on campus as well. 

While the Fiat meets growing demands to be more interactive, the next step, as Lynch sees it, is to balance this new medium and content with a professional style that is inviting to all parties - students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

“Something I really care about is the history of the paper,” said Lynch, who is intent on getting the Fiat back in (hard copy print) black or even CMYK (color) for at least the front and back pages.

For the future, Fiaters are emboldened by the faith of funding to come next semester (fall 2013). Without a doubt it will, and when it does the Fiat will be ready with plans to continue pushing the bounds of content, and grasping the minds of an ever evolving AU demographic. With this objective in mind Lynch hopes that next year’s Student Senate-funded papers come out as formally as possible with the website remaining a quirky addition to the content, and by doing so offer a spectrum broad enough to mirror the great diversity of thought that is nurtured at AU.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Although it is true that earlier Fiat staffs presented readers with an online presence, most notably Silas Albrecht ’08 (editor 2007-08) and Thomas Fleming ’10 (editor 2008-10), those years also offered a consistent, printed publication on campus. Today’s Fiat is found solely online, and is updated at the discretion of the executive staff.




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